Working with an Advisor

Trust is the most important element of the advisor-client relationship. When seeking out advisors, whether legal, financial or philanthropic, consider the following:

  • Listening skills.¬†They get to know who you are and what is most important to you. They understand your concerns and encourage open communication.
  • Willingness to collaborate.¬†They can knowledgably recommend, or encourage that you include, peer advisors in other disciplines, whether wealth management, legal or philanthropy in discussions about your charitable giving. They value the involvement of other professionals in order to ensure alignment between your wealth management, tax, philanthropy and legacy goals.
  • Shared values.¬†You and your advisor share a similar world view.
  • Sensitivity to family dynamics.¬†They have an understanding of your concerns or interests relative to involving family members in wealth, legal or philanthropic discussions.

With the right team of professional advisors at your side, you can feel confident that your charitable, wealth, and estate planning goals will be addressed in an integrated fashion.

Working with a Philanthropic Advisor

A philanthropic advisor-- professionals with non-profit management and grantmaking expertise and a depth of knowledge about the philanthropic landscape-- is not someone every donor needs.  But there are times when you want to ensure that your charitable giving has maximum relevance, impact and value and that the footprint…the legacy…you want to leave is clearly articulated.  By having a professional in this discipline on the team you can ensure a coherent and professionally supported approach to your philanthropy. See more about what Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., offers.