Getting Started

It is often said that, “you can't know where you're going until you know where you've been." This is a valuable first step in being an informed philanthropist and one of the reasons why Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. developed the Charitable Giving Review (CGR) help you put your philanthropy into perspective. 

There are two ways to take advantage of The Charitable Giving Review; you can fill out the form and then use it for your own see how you have been spending charitable dollars to date and whether your charitable gifts align with what you really care about. Click here for a printable copy of the CGR. 

Or, if you would like to delve a little deeper and look at the impact and implications of your giving based on both CGR and other key criteria you can email your completed CGR to Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., and an advisor will contact you.

The conversation with the advisor will give you an opportunity to expand upon such influencing factors as:

  • Intent: Why do you give and how do you decide where to give?
  • Priorities: What social issues do you care most about? Who/what are you seeking to support?
  • Expectation of Impact: What do you hope to achieve with your charitable dollars? What is your timeline? What is your risk tolerance?
  • Legacy: How do you want to be remembered and how will your legacy giving connect to your lifetime giving? What do you want your heirs and trustees to know and do on your behalf?
  • Types of assets you‚Äôve donated:¬†cash, stock, art, real estate, complex assets, etc.
  • Vehicles:¬†What are you using for your giving? Checkbook, Donor-Advised Fund, private foundation, etc.
  • Involvement: How do you want to be involved in your charitable giving and how do you engage your families and colleagues?

When all of the information you've provided is compiled and reviewed you will have a blueprint for building the most effective and satisfying philanthropic program.