Customized Support

Whether individually or collectively as a family unit, or in the context of a company’s philanthropy, the starting point is to focus and clarify the charitable intent and determine what strategies…which tools in the philanthropic toolbox.. would be most effective.

The broad range of customized services we offer are designed to support donors wherever they are in their philanthropic journey; during their lifetime or as part of their charitable legacy. Whatever the vehicle-- a private foundation, a donor-advised fund, a trust or a checkbook-- thoughtful, strategic thinking achieves optimal results!

 Here are just a few of the ways in which we support donors:

  • Creating a mission and guidelines.  This provides clarity and focus and ensures that organizations know whether they will “fit” your criteria.  It starts the partnership off on the right foot!
  • Facilitating family meetings and retreats. Philanthropy is an excellent vehicle for bridging generations, sharing values and providing younger family members with an important financial and social learning experience. 
  • Creating charitable legacy plans during the estate planning process. Having clear directions and expectations for trustees and defined giving parameters ensures that your charitable interests will be protected and your intent honoured.
  • As the designated Charitable Distribution Advisor™ (CDA) to protect your interests when you no longer can.  As CDA we are an advisor to trustees determining whether your charitable directives are being adhered to by recipient organizations. A CDA can also ensure that future stewards are prepared to execute your wishes effectively.
  • Negotiating a one-time significant gift is as much about managing expectations and clear communication as it is structuring the gift. We work closely with you, as donor, the organization or recipient institution and your legal counsel to provide the context and construct for your gift.
  • Periodic assessment of your charitable giving is an important part of measuring impact. There are two ways in which an assessment can help charitable decision making. A deep dive into organizations as part of selecting sustainable and stable organizations that are aligned with your mission and the intent of your gift. Post-gift evaluations to determine whether to continue or restructure your giving. We believe that the more information you have the more effective you are as a donor.
  • Comprehensive day-to-day management of charitable giving. We provide experienced executive leadership, program officers and administrative and grants management professionals. There is even a full time knowledge management officer tasked with keeping donors  and their advisors informed about the latest trends and best practices in philanthropy. As a Multi-Family Philanthropic Office™, our approach optimizes the way in which you achieve your philanthropic objectives while keeping transaction costs low.